Complete Computer Services

Grace Office Associates provides complete computer services, consulting, and systems integration for various sizes and types of businesses.  We consider simplicity above all else.  For effective solutions, we use proven technology combined with preventive maintenance and support measures.

Our services include:
  • Computers
    Recommend, build and install new computers, perform computer upgrades and repairs.
  • Software
    Recommend, install software and provide support.
  • Printers
    Recommend and install new printers, perform maintenance and repairs.
  • Systems Integration
    Recommend and design local area networks (LANs) to link new or existing equipment.
  • Consulting
    Work with clients to assess their technology requirements so that they may attain their goal of building a more efficient workplace.


Custom Solutions for Your Business

At Grace Office Associates, we understand that no two businesses are alike.  We carefully examine every business from the number of employees and the unique tasks performed to the physical layout of office space.  Our expert analysis provides the blueprint for building a custom computer system that allows your office to focus on increasing productivity.  You'll be amazed at the difference the right combination of hardware and software can make!


Service You Can Trust

When we ask our clients why they continue to call us, the common thread is integrity.  We are committed to providing the finest service to each and every client.  We do what we promised and come when we are called.  Our goal of "deliver as promised, when promised" is very important to us.  

The bottom line is that we genuinely enjoy working with computers.  Challenges only make things that more interesting.  Please call us today at 919 557-6000.  We are happy to discuss your current or future needs with you now so that we will be prepared to serve your needs when you are ready.